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The best tool to track your dividend portfolios.

It Pays Dividends to Invest.

Launched in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes the best ideas come in a time of crisis.  

How do I keep track of my dividend payments? 

A simple question that nearly all dividend investors have asked at one time or another.  

Track Your Dividends seeks to answer that simple question and give dividend investors the tools to optimize their portfolios.  Beyond simply keeping track of payments, Track Your Dividends can help you improve diversification, dividend safety, and future income.  We have all the tools you need to analyze and optimize your funds.

Early in 2021, TrackYourDividends was purchased by Chronim Investments Inc. The application fit perfectly within our company’s core values of income investing and empowering individual investors.  We hope to expand the site’s capabilities and bring our educational background to the strong user base.  Financial education and do-it-yourself investments are pillars of our companies’ investment philosophies.   

20 years of investment
$100+ MilManaged Funds

Chronim Investments prides itself on financial education and
do-it-yourself investments.

We are always looking to improve our tools. If you have any suggestions or want access to additional information, please let us know

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