Dividend Research To Separate Safe Dividends from Risky Ones

Research Catered to the Dividend Investor

Dividend Research

Sometimes you just want to know a little bit more about a stock.  In the past, that meant you had to pull up Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, or try to find more information at your broker.  Now, you can find all the information you need right on TrackYourDividends

Front and Center you will see the key statistics every dividend investors want to know: 

  • Dividend Yield
  • Annual Payment

Payout Ratio

The percentage of net income paid out in dividends


TYD Dividend Safety Score

Likelihood to continue to pay and grow dividend


Dividend Increases

Demonstrates strength and commitment to dividend

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Quickly Judge Key Investment Factors

TYD Dividend Safety Score:

This is TrackYourDividends’ proprietary measure of a company’s likelihood to continue to pay and grow its dividend in the future.  Good companies that you can buy and hold forever are the cornerstone to a strong dividend portfolio.

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optionDash’s Proprietary Stock Scoring System – Learn More



Value Score

Multiple valuation ratios combined to measure a company’s current market value compared to the rest of the market and its historical trading value


Quality Score

A unique combination of bankruptcy indicators to evaluate the fundamental health of a company


Trend Score

Trend or Momentum is more commonly used in short-term trading strategies.  However, factoring it into your initial investments or reinvestment purchases can help you time your decisions more correctly.


Dividends are a signal of financial health, growth, and value of a business
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