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Upcoming Dividends

One of the most popular charts on the site, quickly see future projected dividend payments based on the historical payments of your companies.  With companies paying on different schedules and frequencies, our chart shows an estimated dollar value for each month of the next year.  For a more long-term perspective, you can check out the Future Value feature.

Track DRIPs

Dividend Reinvestment Plans or DRIPs make dividend reinvestment convenient.  When set to be done automatically, your cash dividend payment is immediately used to purchase more shares.  When done right with strong dividend stocks, it creates a multiplier effect.  First, you own more shares at each payment.  Next, when using a stock that regularly grows its dividend, more shares and larger payments accelerate portfolio growth!  The set it and forget it nature of this strategy makes it common for long-term investors. 

Track DRIPs
TrackYourDividends – the easiest way to follow your dividend portfolio.
Be the first to know when one of your companies declares a dividend.

Dividend Alerts

Dividend Declaration

Be the first to know when one of your stocks declares a new dividend.

Ex-Dividend Date

You must own the stock on the ex-date to receive the dividend.

Payment Date

Get alerted when the dividend is paid to immediately reinvest

Special Dividends

Sometimes companies pay special dividends beyond their scheduled payments.

Dividend Changes

Be alerted as soon as one of your company increases or decreases their dividend payment.

Weekly Recap

Get a weekly email recapping the performance of your portfolio.

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Customize Your Alerts

Basic users automatically receive an alert including the amount and payment date.  Premium subscribers can choose from more customization with alerts for declaration, ex-date, record-date, and payment dates.  You can also receive a weekly dividend recap with dividend payment and performance for the previous week. 

Future Value Projections & Dividend Growth

Most dividend investors focus on the long-term.  Whether it is about living off dividend payments right away or reinvesting the payments for growth, the goal is to watch payments grow.  A history of dividend growth and strong company fundamentals can keep your portfolio intact and growing year after year. 
Plus, check out the TYD Dividend Safety Scores to evaluate your holdings.


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