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TrackYourDividends.com makes it easy to track all your Canadian and US dividend income
all in one easy to use interface.

Track your dividend income

Our system makes it easy to securely track the performance of your dividend portfolio, your total weighted yield, and yield on cost.

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TrackYourDividends.com's dividend tracker is a free service with no hidden fees or paywalls that keeps you informed!

Diversification charting

Our system outlines your portfolio's diversification in easy to read charts to keep your portfolio safe.

Dividend Dashboard

Our dividend dashboard gives you the information you need to understand your
dividend portfolio!

Diversification Charting

Our diversification dashboard gives you easy to read charts to help you determine which
stocks or sectors are overweighted or underweighted!

Future Value Projections

Our future value tool gives you an easy to read chart to help you understand
how your portfolio will look like in the future!

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