What are Qualified Dividends?

As an investor, understanding what qualified dividends are and how they’re different from ordinary dividends can be crucial to your success. In addition to playing a central role in increasing the ROI of your investment, this knowledge can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your tax bill.

What is Diversification and Why it Matters to You

When it comes to investing, there is no question that diversification goes a long way to help you manage risk. It can be from several angles, but a simple and effective way is to start with sector diversification. With sector diversification, you reduce your risk by investing in stocks and securities in different industry sectors. You can further diversify by investing in multiple companies within each sector.

Do ETFs Pay Dividends?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have easily become one of the most popular investment vehicles of the 21st century. They are known for helping investors to diversify their holdings and giving them the ability to leverage their money through securities and consistent returns. As a dividend investor you may be wondering if ETFs pay dividends. The…