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Can I upload all my holding to TrackYourDividends?

TrackYourDividends offers the ability to upload the holdings of your account via a CSV spreadsheet file. Take the following steps to Bulk Upload your account:

1. Log into your brokerage/bank account and download the necessary information. Most brokers offer a way to Export your account. This will be the ticker symbol for the holdings, the quantity of each holding, and the average cost per share.

*Please note that downloading the data for the holdings is a different process for each individual brokerage; there may be some firms that do not offer the capability.

2. Format your holdings. Your .CSV file should have 3 columns: Ticker symbol | Quantity | Average Cost per Share

*Helpful Hints: Don’t use any headings on your upload file. Remove all formating including dollar signs ($).

3. From the TrackYourDividends Dashboard screen, select the appropriate account

4. Under the Actions menu at the top right and select “Bulk Upload” from the dropdown menu.

5. Select the account you wish to upload into

6. Select the file from your computer you wish to upload

7. Click Upload Holdings at the bottom to update.

After uploading, you will be taken to a screen where you can review the holdings. The page will confirm that the holding was uploaded (Update Status) and that the ticker symbol is supported by TYD (Supported). Both of these should have green checkmarks under them. If they do not, please check to make sure the tickers are accurate.