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Where can I see my future dividend payments?

To get to the Upcoming Dividends screen, simply select the link for Upcoming Dividends from the top toolbar. Upon arriving at the page, at the top you will  notice is a bar chart for “Expected Dividends.” This chart tracks the dividend income that your account is expected to earn over the next twelve months based on the current holdings of your portfolio.

You can track the expected dividends either for your portfolio as a whole or for just the holdings in any of your specific accounts. You can toggle between these by selecting the headings at the top of the chart for each one.
The chart shows the expected dividends in pure dollars. The Y-axis will display the dollar amounts; these can also be viewed by passing your cursor over the bar for a particular month. This will bring up a dialog box displaying the expected dividend for that month.

At the bottom of the chart, you will see several metrics listed. These include the highest monthly dividend total, the lowest monthly dividend total, and the total variance between them. Many dividend investors look to construct a portfolio that creates a consistent income from month to month.